A few words...

You know there are a few word in swedish that dosen't exist in english? So I thought I would explain those words and tell you something about how we celebrate our national day :).

I've already told one reason why the 6th of June is our national day. Of course there are more then one reason. The 6th of June is the date when the constitution that describes how our democracy should work was accepted. Until the year 2005 the national day only was a flagday. There have been some critic to the fact that when the natinal day became a holiday another holiday disapperad and that made some people angry.

Now the swedish national day isn't celebrated in any bigger scale. Most people dosen't even know why we celebrate it the 6th of June. Some people think is a bad date, cause Gustav Vasa (he's the historic reason) wasn't king over Sweden as it looks today. I don't celebrate it, but I think it should be a holiday since it's a way of show that you like your country.

Some words tha dosen't exist in english are:
Lagom: Not too much or to little. You can translate it to english depending in with pupose it's in.
Saft: A drink that contains water, suger and some kind of flavour
Jo: You can use it to answer your on question or to say against a negative answer.
Then we have all these compoud words, since swedish are a compound language. But they can be transleted with two or more words.

What I think is the funny part is hat yu can make you own words. Just put one word together with another. That's cool!


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