To food you need alcohol. Every country have their "own" alcohol but Sweden don't. As with everything else nothing is typical swedish. Still there are a few sorts of alcohol that are drinked more often then others. Before I tell you about those I have to tell you that Alfie has made the first comment on this blog :).

I've told you about midsummer, christmas and other traditions. To every tradition that means food you need snaps and drinking songs. That's swedish. Does it taste good? No, but that's not the point. You get drunk without drinking a disgusting drink in three hours. Typical swedish not wasting any time on getting drunk or pretend that something's better then it's. For the enjoying part we drink beer. A lot of it. It's good and relaxing.
In Sweden we have one company and one company only that are allowed to sell drinks containing more then 3.5% alcohol. And you have to be 20. Still you get to drink alcohol on the pub's when your 18. This because it's dangerous to drink at home when your 18, but on the pub's there are guards how look after you. Then when your 20 you responsible enough to drink at home. According to the swedish government. Still the criminal has been affected by alcohol in almost every reported violence crime.
So don't forget to drink beer and snaps when you visit Sweden :).


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