Christmas and easter

So I thought you might wanna to know how we celebrate christmas and easter. I'm not gonna take the backgound, but they're a christian tradition from the start.

Christman for Swedish is often just a way of metting the family, eating good and get presents. We celebrate the 24th of December. This because of in former times Swedish celebrated the midwinter condition round this date and the christians couldn't really change the traditions. I think it's a wonderful tradition, meeting all relatives, having holiday and just relax.

The eastern is a holiday for welcoming the spring and to get a lot candy. And still eating good food. I think is a nice traditions cause now you know that the summer spring coming soon, it's getting warmer and you get happy by it.

Well I don't want to tell ypu more about thoose traditions because I think you should experience them ourself. Every family has their own traditions :).


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