Cream bun and cinnamon bun

Hi :). I thought we start this food week with a contribution about two bakery that are very common in Sweden. The cream bun and the cinnamon bun. Both has a special day in Sweden and today is the cream buns day or as is called in Sweden "semla" (but it has many other namnes to).

Semlan is a wheat bun with cardamom. In the bun there are cream and marzipan, really dealicous. Semlan is an old bakery and from the beginning you ate it before the fast. That's why the "Fettisdagen" is in this time of the year. Some people eat it with milk, since that was how you ate it in the old days. How it looks and what it's called depends on were in Sweden you're. But must comon is that it looks just like the one in picture above.

The other bakery that has it's on special day is the cinnamon bun, or as is name in Sweden "kanelbulle". This bakery is also a wheat bun, but not in a bun form. In the between the "layers"you have cinnamon and sugar. Today it's popular to trade out the cinnamon to vanilia. I have no idea why it's so popular here or were it's actually from. Try google it ;).


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