Drugs in Sweden

Unfortunately, there are a lot of drugs and a big drug market in Sweden.

The law in Sweden forbide all drugs, from hasch and heroin to new one as tramadon. Some drugs are used medical, but there are a big black market, specialy in the south Sweden. There it's close to both Amsterdam and Copenhagen, and todays free boundary has made it easy to smuggle.

I've come from Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden. The city is in the southern parts, 20 minutes away from Denmark. I know there are a big market of drugs there and it's not hard for a ten-twelve years old child to get a hold of it. It's a pity for it shouldn't be that way. Still the gouvernment are trying, maybe not hard enough, to reduce it.

So were is the problem? From my own experience it's mostly people that don't have anything to do on there sparetime that starts with drugs and then get stuck. And theres the attitude that drugs are cool. It's hard to oppose a "fashion".

It isn't so that every kid takes heavy drugs like cocaine or heroin. It's more common with hasch, even here it's an attitude that hasch isn't anything bad. It hasn't killed anyone, has it? Well I hope kids relase the danger in drugs, and grown-ups to for that matter. Because it isn't cool and it has harm a lot of people.


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