Football, ice hockey and equestrian sport

What to Swedish do to stay in fit after all this bakery, food and alcohol?

The biggest sport in Sweden are football. English football, no American. We're no good at it (apart from Zlatan Ibrahimovic)... Actually we kind of useless at it, still everyone plays it (expect me how see no point in running after a ball if you can't fight?!). But it's funny to gather your friends, drink some beer, eat some chips and watch football. Why? Cause it's such a great atmosphere and if you're lucky there are someone else who doesn't like the watching part.

Another big sport in Sweden are equestrian sport, which I practice. There are many different concentrations, the most common ones are horse jumping and dressage. We have some good Swedish riders, Peter Eriksson, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Malin Bayard and Minna Telde to mention some.

Me and my horse, riding is so much more then competition. But I guess all sports are.

Ice-hockey is also a big sport, specialy when an international competiton is going on. And were good at it, actually often in the top three. So we bring out the beer again, call our friends and watch hockey. And this is actually fun to watch, mostly because their allowed to fight...

Our swedish team "tre kronor"


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