Hi! Let's have some fun gepgraphy :).

Sweden is in Europe, I hope you already know that, and it's a oblong land from south to north. In north there is a lot of snow and woods, but if you like big cities you should go south. Here you got more people living, more fields and a warmer climate.

We have a beautiful coasts in both west and east. The east coast have brackish water, it's mixed with lake water. On the west side their more seawater. Both extremly wonderful in summertime. In the south their is also a beautiful coast and often tourits bicycles here on their vacation.

On the winter we have some beautiful skiresorts. The biggest is Åre and Sälen. I'm spoild with the Alps and swedish mountain is nothing compare to that. But they're alright. Not the biggest but still great slops and a cosy enviroment.


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