Meatballs, potatoes and sauce

Swedish don't have any national dishes. But we have one meal that includes all of our specialties.

One part of it is the meatball. The good meatball. Made of meat (dah?!), onion, egg, milk and some spices. The home made are the best one, the one mother does is the greatest.
To the meatball you should have potato or potato mash. Home made potato mash is the favourite. Again mother's is the best.
To this you need sauce. Actually swedish want's sauce to everything me eat. Ketchup do not count as sauce. Without sauce nothing is good. The sauce makes everything just a little bit better.
And thats the meal and the only specialties we have (apart from some disgusting things that I won't even mention), add some sour pickled gherkin and lingonberry preserve and it's perfect. Good, easy to do. Have some beer and enjoy!
Didn't find any picture that looked nice, so you'll have to survive a picture less contribution :(.

Postat av: Alf

Beer :)

2010-02-18 @ 10:08:56
Postat av: faster annette

Fin och intressant blogg

2010-02-20 @ 18:41:59

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