Let's start talk some traditions :). I thought it would be best to kick this of with a wierd one, Midsummer. Or as it name here Midsommar (means exactly the same thing).

So what is Midsummer? Well today, in modern time, you eat potatoes, smoked salamon, egg, herring and other midsummer dishes :). To that you drink snaps and after you eat strawberries. Of course variation occurs. Some dance around the midsummer pole (see picture) to a few very diffrent and funny songs. To amke and dress this pole is for some half the day. Under the day you should had gather seven diffrent kinds of flower to put under your pillow at night. If you do this you're goning to dream about the one you getting married to, (you should to a few more things, but I usally just picking my flowers).

Midsummer is a day of overnatural thinking. Their one story about Näcken, an old Swedish myth. This man plays the violin to entice people to swin and than he do so they drown. On midsummer day, you should take extra caution to this...

Midsummer is an old heathen tradition, the christian of course made it christian. Just like everything else. Any way you actually celebrate the sumemr height of the sun, the longest day of the year. Other then that we don't really no more about how the heathens celebrated this day.

Their have been some fights between the heathen way and the christian way. You see midsummer is also the holy Johannes (something something, I'm not very religous) birthday, 24/6. So in the old times midsumemr day always was on 24/6, today it's on a Saturday between the 20/6-26/6.


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