Politic and economy

Another great Monday :), great because I start school 12.00 and that's awsome :). I thought I should write a bit about the swedish politic and how our economy look for the moment. Won't be as boring as it sounds. Promise! Tomorrow I'm planing to write something about how the swedish school-system works. A request from Wanda :).

First we have our parlament, riksdagen, where all party (that got more then 4% in the election) are making decisions. Then we have the government, regeringen, that won the election and they do a lot of things but above all they carry out the decisions from riksdagen.

Right now we have many parties that cooperat in regeringen, so called Alliansen (the four parties to the right). But in September we're having a new election and right now it looks like the Oppostionen (the three parties to the left) are goning to win. But with politic you never know.

Just like many other countries Sweden is in a recession. With a high level of unemployment it's hard for young and middle-aged to make it go around. Hopefully it's going the right way!


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