Prejudice agaisnt Swedish

Good day :). Here I'm back in the southern part of Sweden, has a spring now this coming week so I'm visting my hometown. Usually here's a lot warmer then in the middle and northern parts of Sweden but this winter heres actually some snow! But that's not what this contribution is about, today I'm thought I write some of the predjudice against Swedish and tell you whats true and false.

Everybody loves sport
No, no, no! But like most of the people around the world we don't like sitting still. So we do things. Some learn how to paly the guitarr, some practice sports and some just work to much.

They have lots of strange animlas over there
Depends on how you see it. If you from Asia of course our animals look strange. But your animls look strange to us. It's depends on were you from. But we DON'T live among ice bears, for the sake of love they live on antarctic.
They are very rich
Yes and no. Some are, some aren't. We live in a good country, with a nice gouverment, sometimes to nice if you ask me. They provide benefit to them how need some helps. But it's not like everybody lives in luxury. Sweden is often called "landet lagom" which means "country not to much, not to littel, not rich, but not etc."

They are very goodlooking
Of course we're! So much prettier then any nationality! I have nothing to say to this one...

Most people are blond
And every one has blue eyes and every girl has big breast. Sorry guys, but no. And the girls not easy to get in bed in either (with also is a very common prejudice). We have brown hair, red hair, blonde hair, black hair, green hair, blur eyes, grey eyes, small breast etc. Hope you get the picture...

The sun always goes down very early
Again NO! On the winter season, we don't have so much sun (and yes it's depressing), but in the summer the sun is up a lot more. A lot!

We get messy when we're drunk
Yeah... Most Swedish actually do. Kind of sad that they can't handle themself when they drunk.

Swedish people are very reserved
This one also true. We have an attitude of "what's personal is personal and I have nothing to do with it". And we're shy, very shy. But we don't mean anything wrong, most people has just been learned that you don't ask about personal things.


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