Schlager and ABBA

Let's continue with the traditions :). I thought you might wanted to knoe something about a big contest in Sweden...

I guess you all have heard of ABBA. I'm not gonna talk so much about thme, since most people know more about them then a Swedish do. Anyway they had their big break-throw in 1973, internationall on Eurovision Song Contest and national on Melodifestivalen (they won with the song Waterloo). And they created a new genre, sclager.

Schlager for young Swedish is a genre, evidently it mean a hit song to old people but I refuse to translate it in to that. Schlager are those typical songs your expecting to sing on Eurovision Song Contest. In style with old popsongs.

So every year Sweden has a contest, Melodifestivalen, to vote on their favourite contribution and the one that wins represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest. It's a tradition to watch on every contribution with our family. I don't think there are many Swedish that hasn't watched one singel Melodifestivalen episode.

Now a days Melodifestivalen is divide in to several "mini-contest". From every "mini-contest" two winner goes on to the final. The winner of the final is the contribution how wins and get's to performe in Eurovision Song Contest. I don't like this new way, has been like this since 2002, and I usaully just watch the final.

ABBA on 1970's

I just had to lay up this picture haha, anyway now I'm off to England. Have a good evening :) 


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