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Good day :) Thought it was time for some more swedish music and musicians, have already write about ABBA and Melodifestivalen so check the archives if your interested. I'm not a very big fan of new Swedish music, but this two I'm gonna write about, Robyn and Roxette, has been a big favourte since I was little. Maybe a bit old nowadas but they're very good at what they doing. An new singer that I like, Melissa Horn, even sings on swedish and usually I dosn't like songs with swedish text.

Listen to this track by Melissa Horn, you don't understand the lyrics. But their beautiful.

Lets continue to Robyn. Robyn is a big musician in both USA and England. She got her breakthrough in Sweden with the song "Do you really want me". A song I still remember I loved, some years later toughsince I was four when it was released 1995. But 1997 it was released in USA and it became a big hit. After this she have made four albums (seven if you count that some of the albums have been made in diffrent versions). Nowadays she has among other things been priorband to Madonna, started an record company that only release her own music, contribute in Snoop Dogs singel "Sexual eruption" and been on Late Show with David Letterman. She's really good at was she's doing and this girl can sing.

Search on youtube to listen to her, she has requested that you shoukdn't but her songs on your blog.

Roxette is another Swedish group that are world famoused. They had their time on the 90's, like I said I'm not a very big fan of new Swedish music... The group endure by Per Gessle (that are a big solo singer to) and Marie Fredriksson. They have sold 50 miljon albums (!) and twenty miljon singels, and released 15 albums. One of their song, "It Must Have Been Love" is in the famous movie "Pretty women". Nowadays their back on tour and in Sweden their playing 14th of August 2010 for the first time in nine years. Maybe their songs still so good because of the memories from my childhood. I remember we always listend to them when my family were on car vacation...

It's they same thing with Roxette as with Robyn, search on youtube.


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