The Royal Family

Sweden has been a monarchy for over thousand year. Bernadotte is the family that inherit the throne. They have no political influence, they shall just represent Sweden and they some other royal duties. Our present king is Carl XVI Gustav.

Prince Cael Philip, princess Madeleine, king Carl XVI Gustav, queen Siliva and crownprincess Victoria

Their are two weddings coming up, both princess getting married. The biggest is crownprincess Victora and Daniel Westling since Victoria is inhering the throne sometime in the futher. In Stockholm they going to have a "Love Stockholm 2010", wich starts two weeks before the wedding.

The wedding of Madeleine and Jonas Bergström isn't talked about that much, their wedding day is after Victoria and Daniel. But they are so cute I have to lay up a picture of them.


And as usually a funny story, it's about another king that lived for a hundred years ago, when the father of Carl XVI Gustav's grandfather was king or something like that. Well, I come from the southern parts of Sweden and this part was were popular to hunt on. So the king used to come to hunt and sleep with some maid.

Maybe thats why my sister is so very like crownprincess Victoria?

Not the best picture... found out I don't have any pictures of my sister. Hope you can see the likeness anyway.

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Visst är Fia lik kronprinsessan

2010-02-20 @ 18:36:47

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