The Sweden school-system

So another day, another contribution :). And as an answer to Wanda's request today I'm writing about the Sweden school-system. The school-system is divided in to five diffrent stages, so we start from the youngest and goes upward. All education in Sweden a free or at least can be free if you don't choose anything special.

Lågstadiet och mellanstadiet
Lågstadiet:Class 0-3, you start in class 1 when you're seven (if you born early on the year or want to start earlier, you can start when you're six). Often you start in class 0 when you're six (same thing here, you can start when you're five). You learn the alaphabeth, how to read and write. The begining of matematichs also start here and in class 3 you start to read english a little bit. The mellanstadiet is the same thing, a little bit deeper. In some parts of Sweden you switch school or teacher when you start mellanstadiet.

Class 7-9, the start of the serious school. From class 8 you get grades and now you start to have lessons were you have diffrent teacher in the diffrent subject. This is for many the hard part in school, some just not mature enough. Many also tierd of school. This is the last stages that's compulsory but almost evrybody goes to gymansium to.

Class 1-3 (again, can be a bit confusing sometimes). Now you choose direction of your education, for example science, mechanic or hairdresser. This education is not compulsory but still the state have to pay for it.

This education has a dirction towards a job. If you wan't to be a doctor for example you have to study at the university. Some works don't need a university exam, some do. You're at least over 18 when you start here.

Like I said allmost all education is free, but some courses may cost or if you want to read a course again to get a better grade. I think the Sweden school-system is good. Not perfect, but nothing is. Some changing maybe coming soon, there talking about grades from earlier classes and make some education privat, not state owned.

Sorry for a boring contribution, not really my favourite subject to talk about. But I hope you got something good out of it.  


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