Tourist places

There are some places you can visit when you're in Sweden. This places I also want to see or have already seen.

First of all I think you just have to visit Stockholm. It's a beautiful capital were you can just relax and take it easy. If you getting boered of that you're still in a big city with all the actions that comes along.

Then we have Liseberg. An amusment park in Gothenborg (Sweden second placed large city). This park is so beautiful at christmas time and it's so really funny in the summer. It's a perfect place to bring the hole family.

Another place thats also beautiful both on the summer and the winter is Åre. On the winter is a paradise for skiing (if you don't compare it to the Alps, cause nothing beats that). They have nice pistes and a gosy enivronment. On the summer is as beautiful a mountains are at this time. You can hike, camp or maybe climb. It has a relaxing effect on you.

The last place that I think is a tourist place is Ishotellet. Which is a place I havn't been to, but hopefullt one day I will. Ishotellet lays in the nouthern parts of Sweden and it's made of ice. Everything is made of ice. If you're luck maybe you can see the northern lights, thats one of my oldest dreams.

Of course there are many other stuff you can visit, if you like to camp we have some beautiful lakes and woods. The coasts are beautiful, both east, south and west. We have the two other big cities, Gothenborg and Malmö, that both has their special personality.


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