To my blog about Sweden. Here you can under four weeks read about swedish christmas and easter, about our national dishes, Midsummer Day, politic, our royalfamily and other interesting things from my home country.

I'm going to lay up my contribution like this:
week 1: Swedish history and geography, the royal family, our politic and economy
week 2, a tradition week: christmas, easter, Midsummer and the swedish national day
week 3, a dish week: meatballs, cream bun and other pastry, potato and sauce
week 4: Fotball, hockey, swedish young and a conclusion.
Their can be some adding and changeing. 

I started this blog as a project in my English C course and since my teacher is so 2010 we use blog's. This project is to "students" in Japan and their "teacher, Wanda," but since they dosen't really exit it's a blog for everbody. So don't get confused if a write something about Wanda or her student. Hope you enjoy it!


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