The Vikings and Gustav Vasa

Let's continue from geography to some history. We Swedish don't really have history that we care about or talk about that much. But there is a few things we're really proud over.

First of is the vikings. The vikings lived in Scandinavia under the Iron Age. They were pirates, tradesmen and devoloped awsome boats. They simple took what they wanted while their wifes were home, taking care of the house. Around the world a rumor spread about the great and terribale warriors from Scandinavia.

Well, then why are this hideous people a Swedish proud? You see, the vikings are the only thing we have in the history. We haven't been in any wars (well, a few maybe, but just with the other Scandinavan countries) and we haven't been a big or powerful country. But everybody knows about the vikings.

Beside's that every swedish man want's to like a viking. Well-trained, drinking beer, taking good care of his wife and just doing manjobs. I personally don't think they succied...

A modern viking, today it's a sport/game to dress and act like the vikings

So, we have one more thing left, Gustav Vasa. This man is THE MAN. Nobody mess with his name. Who is this guy? Gustav Vasa became king the 6th of june 1523 after a revolt against Kalmarunionen. This date is Swedens national day. Gustav was the first one to introduce inheritance monarchy and that is seen like the foundation of the modern nationalstate Sweden. So he became Father of the Land.

Actually he was more of a political genius combinated with ruthlessness and brutal methodes.


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