Since 1922 one of the longest langlauf on skies in the world has been taken place every year in Sweden. Of course I'm talking about Vasaloppet.

The first sunday in March every year Vasaloppet starts from Sälen and finish in Mora, a distance on 90 kilometers. It has a historic reason. It is said that Gustav Vasa (remember I wrote about hum? If you want to fresch up your mind check the archives) skied this distance when if was on the run to Norway. And so one day in 1922 a man came with the idea that there should be a langlauf and so it was and has been since then.

Two "most" on Vasaloppet is blueberry soup and that the winner are giving big wreaths by so called kranskullor (female) or kransmasar (men). 

My sister and her husband started Vasaloppet yesterday, it's open a hole week before the"real" competition, and passed it on the impressing times 9 hours 40 minutes and 9 hours 23 minutes. Compare that to the record 3 hours 38 minutes...

Peter Göransson and a kranskulla.


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